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Brossard-Sur-Le-Parc project Presentation

November 18th, 2019

The Brossard-Sur-Le-Parc project presentation was held in Broad Groups main office on November 18th, 2019. Representatives from Broad Group, Desjardins Bank, and New Empire Construction each made a speech respectively. An assortment of food and beverages were served during this evening for the enjoyment of the clients as they were invited into the conference room to attend the educational session.


Ms. Lily Zhou, sales manager from Broad Group, Mr. Yichen Yue, project manager from Broad Group, came together to present and  introduce the Brossard-Sur-Le-Parc project.  The speech touched upon different subjects such as the environment, traffic around the area and the lifestyle of the residents of the project, as well as the process of the construction of the infrastructure.


Afterwards, Mr. Sixun Wu, mortgage representative from Desjardins Bank, was invited to give out a detailed explanation pertaining to the steps of a mortgage application, the process, the conditions, the terms and interest.


Finally, Mr. Huan Huang, the president of New Empire Construction explained thoroughly the procedures relating to self-construction.

The presentation was a success, as all the question the audience had regarding mortgage and self-construction were answered comprehensively by Mr. Wu and Mr. Huang. At the end of the presentation, the clients were satisfied and content. Broad Group plans to offer more informative sessions in the coming months to support its customers during each stage of their projects.


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