Continuously Supporting Montreal Jiu Ding Club Scholarships for the past 10 Years.

The Montreal Jiu Ding (JD) Club is a charitable organization registered with the government of Canada. The sole objective of the Montreal Jiu Ding Club is to manage the “Jiu Ding (JD) Scholarship”, which aims to encourage students from Quebec Chinese community, as well as international students from Mainland China, Taiwan, Macau, and Hong Kong studying in the Province of Quebec, to participate in and to contribute to the Canadian society through excellent academic and social achievements.


As one of the founders of Jiu Ding Club, we’ve been continuously supporting Jiu Ding for the past 10 years, to encourage the young generation to participate in and to contribute to the Canadian society through excellent academic and social achievements.


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McGill University Health Centre Foundation

The McGill University Health Centre (MUHC) Foundation raises funds to support excellence in patient care, research and teaching at the McGill University Health Centre, one of the best university hospitals in Canada.

Groupe Boda has been supporting MUHC Foundation for many years, hoping to make contributions to solving humanity’s deadliest puzzles.

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Groupe Boda Has Been Continuously Supporting Montréal Chinese Hospital Foundation For Many Years.

The Montreal Chinese Hospital Foundation (MCHF) was established in 1972 to preserve the unique character of the Hospital and to support worthy projects which are beyond the basic patient-care services provided by the Quebec Department of Health and Social Services.

Groupe Boda has been continuously supporting MCHF for many years, aiming to improve the hospital’s medical facilities and environment and make contribution to the society.

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Groupe Boda Supported Montreal Chinese Golf Association for over 10 Years.

Montreal Chinese Golf Association (MCGA) was established on March 28th, 2011. MCGA committed to promoting golf in the Greater Montreal Area and providing golf enthusiasts with more opportunities to meet friends and improve golf skills.

Groupe Boda has sponsored the MCGA for more than 10 years, and was honored with the "Special Contribution Award" at 2021 【HSBC Cup】Montreal Chinese Golf Open. Groupe Boda has made outstanding contributions to the popularity of golf among the Chinese community.

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Young Chinese Professionals Association (YCPA).

YCPA is an association which fosters networks and create opportunities to connect, train and equip its members with the tools to exceed their potential and become today’s leaders. With a diverse pool of talent across a range of exciting fields, the association mobilize individuals to break new grounds and dynamically contribute to Canada’s economic and social growth.

For the past many years, Groupe Boda has been its main sponsor for many of its programs and events. Lawrence Construction of Groupe Boda is one of the partners of YCPA this year. By sponsoring these events at YCPA, we wish to help young generations to create new working and communicating environment.

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Shanxi Dragon Boat Team - 2019, Fujian Dragon Boat Team – 2018.

Promoting Chinese Dragon Boat Culture, Groupe Boda Titled Dragon Boat Team Attracted Attention.

For better promoting Chinese Dragon Boat Culture, the Boda Shanxi Dragon Boat Team (2019), and Boda Fujian Dragon Boat Team (2018) have successfully demonstrated their unparalleled determination and unrelenting pursuit of perfection, on a solid, well-trained basis. Their hard-earned achievements reflect their strength and capabilities.


Continuously Supporting Association des Shanghaiens de Montreal For Six Years.

Long-term Support for the Montreal Shanghai Association.

The Montreal Shanghai Association was established by a group of Chinese Shanghainese, aiming to absorb Western culture and spread Chinese culture. Every year, this association organizes various convenience activities, hoping to provide a social platform and convenience for the Chinese in Montreal.

As of today, Groupe Boda continues to support the Association for more than 6 years. Ms. Alice Wu, President of Groupe Boda, was nominated as Honorary President of the Association for a second consecutive 3-year term. This nomination recognizes and appreciates Ms. Wu's contribution to the prosperity of the Association, as well as to the entirety of the Chinese community in Montreal.


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