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Young Chinese Professionals Association (YCPA).

YCPA is an association which fosters networks and create opportunities to connect, train and equip its members with the tools to exceed their potential and become today’s leaders. With a diverse pool of talent across a range of exciting fields, the association mobilize individuals to break new grounds and dynamically contribute to Canada’s economic and social growth.

For the past many years, Groupe Boda has been its main sponsor for many of its programs and events. Lawrence Construction of Groupe Boda is one of the partners of YCPA in 2021. By sponsoring these events at YCPA, we wish to help young generations to create new working and communicating environment.

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Groupe Boda Has Been Continuously Supporting the “Canada Montreal Spring Festival Gala “ for Years

On February 12, 2023, the 17th “Canada Montreal Spring Festival Gala” reached a great success in Place des Arts Wilfrid-Pelletier room, with nearly 3000 audiences. Due to the pandemic, the show was suspended for three years. This year, as the title sponsor of its 17th edition, Groupe Boda and elites all around Quebec, attended the cocktail and watched the show. During the cocktail, Groupe Boda’s Vice-President of Operations, Marie-Sara Hamel delivered an exciting speech.

This year's "Canada Montreal Spring Festival Gala" is co-hosted by the Phoenix Huaxing Art Troupe and the Confucius Institute in Quebec. More than 100 Chinese and Western artists participated in the performance. The 2023 Spring Festival Gala is composited of ballet with Chinese elements, classical Chinese dance, and much more, which makes this gala a perfect interpretation of Chinese art.

Groupe Boda has continuously supported the “Canada Montreal Spring Festival Gala “ for years and has made outstanding contributions to the Chinese community.