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City : Brossard

Estimated number of units : 546

Construction type: single family homes, townhouses, rental buildings


  • Located near the intersection of Highway 10 and 30.

  • Less than 15-minutes drive from downtown Montreal.

  • A few steps away from Quartier Dix30.

  • Within walking distance of the future terminal of Réseau express métropolitain (REM), which provides quick access to downtown Montreal, West Island, North Shore and Pierre Elliott Trudeau Airport.

  • Found in the center of Grand Parc Urbain of City of Brossard, a brand new green space of 4 million square feet in which the city of Brossard has invested more than 20 million Canadian dollars in order to create natural ponds and forests.

Development details

Single-family housing area

​A sustainable development is at the heart of the Brossard-sur-le-parc project. The construction will be subject to high levels of requirements and will have to meet environmental standards. Buyers will be required to commit to an environmentally conscious development guide created in collaboration with the City of Brossard. The main environmental requirements for the sector are:

Electrical transportation

All residential units will need to be equipped with the wiring required for the installation of a Level 2 electric vehicle charging station.

Reducing energy consumption

All housing units must be Novoclimat-approved.

Preservation of existing mature trees

The installation of buildings should be planned in such a way as to preserve,  as much possible, existing mature trees.

Sustainable water management

The supply of rainwater to the municipal sewer should be minimized by promoting in situ retention;
The drainage slope of the backyard of the adjacent lots to the Grand Parc Urbain must be oriented towards the park.
Irrigation systems must be fed by recycled rainwater.
Plumbing equipment should help reduce drinking water consumption by at least 20%.


Reducing heat islands

Porous asphalt or permeable paving for the development of driveways and parking lots should be favoured;
The paving of driveways and parking lots should encourage the use of light colours (grey, beige, etc.) and/or be shaded to limit the formation of heat islands;

Construction waste management

Each contractor will be required to develop a construction waste management plan so that recyclable waste is sorted and sent to a recovery center.

To facilitate the work of buyers, their professionals and builders, we provided them with the guide, but also the following resources :

Ecological Resources Directory (material suppliers)

Ecohabitation - All information on sustainable housing

Novoclimat - House
Novoclimat Homes Program | Transition énergétique Québec (

LEED for housing
LEED pour habitations (

Sustainable rainwater management

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