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Quartier MC2 Inc. Announces the Sale of its Saint-Basile-le-Grand / McMasterville Property to Northvolt

October 31st, 2023

Quartier MC2 Inc., a corporation owned by Gestion immobilière GAP Inc., is pleased to announce the sale of its property located in Saint-Basile-le-Grand and McMasterville to the Swedish company Northvolt.


Formerly the site of the Canadian Industries Limited (C.I.L.) explosives factory, this land covers an area of approximately 18.5 million square feet and has remained unexploited for almost 25 years. Since its acquisition in 2015, Quartier MC2 Inc. had planned on revitalizing the site by developing a structuring project for the region. The sale of this vast parcel of land to battery manufacturer Northvolt enables Quartier MC2 Inc. to achieve its objective by becoming one of the players contributing to the development of Quebec's battery industry as part of Quebec's major transportation electrification project.


By locating its North American plant on the Quartier MC2 Inc. site, Northvolt will bring a second life to this immense industrial site, upon which the remains of the C.I.L. are still visible. Not only will this new industry with sound ecological values create thousands of jobs and contribute to the economic vitality of the greater Montreal region, it will also promote the environmental requalification of the property. This area, where soils had been previously contaminated by heavy industrial activities, will be revitalized for the benefit of an industry that produces green energy and contributes significantly to the reduction of greenhouse gases. Quartier MC2 Inc. is proud to be part of this major project that will benefit many generations to come.


About Gestion immobilière GAP Inc.

Gestion immobilière GAP Inc. was founded by three influential real estate developers in Quebec: Groupe Boda (Alice Minying Wu), Gestion S. Gariépy Inc (Serge Gariépy) and Poirier Développement immobilier Inc. (Luc Poirier) in 2014. The three leaders of real estate have combined their expertise to invest in bold, innovative projects that have  positive impacts on the entire community. In addition to Quartier MC2 Inc, Gestion immobilière GAP Inc. owns La Prairie sur le Parc Inc. which is currently developing a residential real estate project of over 2,000 units in La Prairie. It also owns a 4.3 million square feet site in Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville which will be developed in the coming years.


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