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Broad Group Unveils the Brossard-sur-le-Parc Project

August 26th, 2019

On Monday, August 26, 2019, Broad Group revealed its brand-new Brossard-sur-le-Parc real estate development project, located in the C section of the city of Brossard. This project will create a distinguished living environment consisting of 55 prestigious single-family homes, 168 luxury townhouses and 293 condominiums and rental units.


This residential neighborhood will be built in the heart of the Grand Parc Urbain of Brossard, a vast green space of 4 million square feet formerly known as the Brossard golf course. The City of Brossard will invest $ 21 million into the park in order to develop bike paths, exercise trails, tennis courts and children's play areas. Future residents will have direct access to both Highways 10 and 30 and to the future Metropolitan Express Network (REM) station which will get them to downtown Montreal in minutes. Also, Brossard-sur-le-Parc is located within walking distance of the commercial and entertainment hub of Quartier Dix30 and Solar Uniquartier.

Brossard Plan.jpg

Many partners and stakeholders who contributed to the project attended the inauguration ceremony. Mr. Paolo Molesini, President of the Molesini Group, Mr. Marc Perreault, Urban Planner, Mr. Serge Savard, President of the Habitations Savard Inc. Group, the Stantec and FNX Innov engineering firms, and Excavation Civilpro were all present to celebrate the unveiling of this project that has required years of hard work and meticulous planning.


"Like other projects carried out by Broad Group and its partners, including TOD de la Gare in Candiac and Écoquartier TOD La Prairie-sur-le-Parc, these real estate developments have been designed to create new living environments that contribute to local urban development, while respecting the principles of sustainability, " said Marie-Sara Hamel, Vice President of Operations at Broad Group. "Residents of Brossard-sur-le-Parc will benefit from facilities that promote active transportation and public transit, as well as individual charging stations for electric vehicles.” She continued.


During the event, Broad Group was honored to host one of Quebec’s most prominent interior designers, Ms. Julie Asselin, founder and editor-in-chief of “Recevoir" Magazine, and the host and stylist of the design show "Tout s'embellit avec Julie" on Vtélé and NOOVO.CA. Beautiful partnerships between future residents of Brossard-sur-le-Parc and this professional interior designer are to be expected.


The inauguration of the project marks the launch of the infrastructure works, which should take place over a few months. The first residents will be able to move into Brossard-sur-le-Parc by the summer of 2020.


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