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Lachute Golf Signing Ceremony

March 15th, 2019

The signing ceremony between Broad Group and Les Sommets de la Vallée has come to a successful conclusion.

In the afternoon of March 15th 2018 at the Ritz Carlton Hotel, Broad Group and les Sommets de la Vallée Inc. have come together to sign a lease contract concerning the management of the Lachute Golf course. Les Sommets de la Vallée Inc. will be taking over the operations of the golf course for the next two years.

Lachute Golf Signing Ceremony.jpeg

The 36-hole Lachute Golf course owned by Broad Group is over 1.6 million square meters in size and nearly 100 years old in history. It represents a heritage to the Lachute community and its continued operations are of high importance to the town and the residents.


The significance of the project in Lachute lies not only in the operation of golf course itself, but in the fact that it will become the foundation of a Sino-Canadian industrial park of education. April 2018 will be the beginning of a long-term collaboration between Broad Group and the China-Canada Education Group. Their collective plan is to open an international private boarding school for young students aged 13 to 19 originating from around the world. Education programs will be taught in 4 languages: French, English, Chinese and Spanish. The school will be offering a variety of summer and winter sports programs for students. The goal is to provide first-class education for students across the globe and stimulating bilateral exchanges in the education and tourism sectors for Canada.

The president of Broad Group, Mme. Alice Minying Wu, promised during the opening speech, “Broad Group and Les Sommets de la Vallée are committed to working together to keep the Lachute Golf course running and maintaining this centenary heritage. It should be noted that the Golf course will not only be running for one or two years, but for many years in the future.”

The Lachute project has raised the attention of different parties in China and Quebec. The Montreal district general manager of Bank of China, Mr. Jian Shi, and the director of Air China Montreal, Mr. Qingfeng Lin, have both attended the signing ceremony, witnessing the launch of the project that favours the China-Canada bilateral relationship. The ceremony has also been covered by various local medias, such as Sept Days, Menchenghui, Québécor, Le Régional, TVC d’Argenteuil and Tourismes Laurentides, etc.


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