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Canada Broad Group and Canada AKD International Education Inc. Join Hands to Build the First Montreal International School

August 10th, 2018

The signing ceremony between Canada Broad Group and AKD International Education Inc. was held on August 10, 2018 at Le Crystal Hotel in Montreal. Dr. Peng Jianhua, Chairman of AKD International Education Inc., and Ms. Wu Minying, President of Canada Broad Group, signed the "Montreal International School Cooperation Memorandum" to officially launch the Montreal International School project in Lachute.

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As a leading real estate investment company in the Great Montreal area, Broad Group has joined forces with AKD International Education Inc. to build an international school in Lachute, which will include primary and secondary schools that can accommodate more than 2,200 international students. Located in a prime location of 45 minutes respectively from Montreal, Ottawa and Trudeau International Airport, Lachute will attract students from all over the world. The schools in planning have many unique advantages:

  • First, the school is located on Lachute's 100-year-old 36-hole luxury golf course. The environment is beautiful and provides students with a top-class living and learning atmosphere.

  • Second, is the usage of English, French and Chinese in school, along with the available golf, horsemanship, and skiing courses, will allow the school to foster students with many desirable assets and a promising future.In addition, alongside the international school project, a large-scale real estate project with 1,121 independent houses and a three-star hotel is also included in planning, in order to provide suitable facilities for students, teachers and parents to live comfortably.

Lachute Golf.png

“The distinctive usage of three languages and curriculum of this school has created its appeal to students and parents around the world. Our students will not be limited to Chinese students!” Dr. Peng Jianhua, Chairman of AKD International Education Inc., said excitedly.

The project is expected to cost $100 million and has received international attention since its conception, as it will become the first private international school in Quebec and will bring phenomenal growth to the population and the educational sector in Lachute, along with vast economic development.

During the meeting, Ms. Wu Minying, President of Broad Group, had expressed her faith in the project many times: AKD International Education Inc., already has a successful China-Canada International school that is well established in the educational industry of China and Canada. Broad Group has reason to believe that relying vast on the solid experience of its partners with sufficient resources and operational experience, the two sides can establish an educational district that combines the real estate sector and the international schools to explore new forms of flourishing the Quebec educational industry.

It is expected that by the end of 2020, Phase 1 of the school and housing will be completed, and the Montreal International School will enroll in the first round about 200 new students.


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