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Let's fight together against the Covid-19!
Broad Group is actively working with the city of Lachute

January 21st, 2021


One year after the beginning of the pandemic, our lives have been affected and our mentality is not the same anymore. With the new curfew regulations, there are even more restrictions on possible activities. All of this is difficult for the physical and mental health of the population. Broad Group is actively working with the government and has agreed with the City of Lachute to offer its Golf Club to residents during the pandemic. Residents can go for a walk and do some exercise. The idea seems to please everyone, because there are hundreds of people who come for a walk every day. The large and safe area of golf certainly relieves the stress caused by the pandemic in our everyday lives.

That being said, Broad Group not only offers interesting residential projects but also demonstrates a lot of effort to practice its social responsibilities. Let's fight together against the Covid-19!


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