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Distinguished representatives of Groupe Boda were awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee Medal

Oct 11th, 2023

On October 11, 2023, Queen Elizabeth II's Platinum Jubilee Medal was awarded by Canadian Deputy Member and Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Immigration Paul Chiang to Ms. Wu Minying, President of Groupe Boda. This marks her second time receiving the prestigious medal, symbolizing high praise for her outstanding contributions.

The Platinum Jubilee Medal commemorates Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II's 70th anniversary of accession to the throne. In honour of and to convey special commendation and recognition to the awardees, its bestowal by Paul Chiang, Canadian Deputy Member and Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Immigration, represents recognition of Groupe Boda's remarkable impact on Canada's economic prosperity. With the passing of Her Majesty, this medal has become even more precious. Those who receive it will forever be recognized globally for this unique honour, earning admiration and praise.

The recipients of Groupe Boda, including Ms. Wu Minying, President, Ms. Marie-Sara Hamel Executive Vice-President, and Ms. Li Zhou Sales Director, will forever be known for this special honour, receiving admiration and acclaim worldwide for their significant involvement in Canada's economy, the local community in Quebec and the thriving Chinese community.


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