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Future green community - Brossard-sur-le-parc

March 29th, 2021

As a lead project in Brossard, Brossard-sur-le-parc has received growing interest. As the weather is getting warmer, the Brossard-sur-le-parc project is about to start its construction. Let’s explore the educational benefit for residents of the project.


With a foreseeable increase of residents in the C-sector, the Marie-Victorin School Board built a new public primary school in the heart of Brossard-sur-le-parc in 2016, named Marcelle-Gauvreau primary school. The school includes education from kindergarten to grade 6, having about 100 staff and more than 450 students currently. The school was expanded in 2018.


Parents need to register their children in February each year in order to start the academic year in August/September of the same year.
For more information about Marcelle-Gauvreau primary school, please visit their website:
In the future, Brossard-sur-le-parc will become a green community integrating leisure sports and education.
Click here to learn more about the Brossard-sur-le-parc projects (Broad Group).


190-3755 place de Java, Brossard

Québec, J4Y 0E4

Tel: 450-659-9288

Fax: 450-659-3688


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