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Why the Kaïa project? Did you know?

October 17th, 2020

The Kaïa project in Candiac is a brand new TOD residential project surrounding the station, with each unit certified to receive LEED certification.


Here are some interesting facts about the Kaia townhouses project and informative videos.


TOD district:

  • Dense neighborhood built around an important access point to public transport.

  • The objective: to promote the development of sustainable neighborhoods that encourage the use of public and active transport.

Candiac TOD :

  • An innovative neighborhood focused on mobility and sustainable development

  • Large green spaces in an urban environment

  • 59,000 m2 of parks and green spaces

  • Interesting employment sector through the integration of businesses and professional services

  • Free local public transport

  • Regional public transport Gare Candiac

Leed Certification:
The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design® (LEED) is a voluntary certification recognized internationally as the mark of excellence for green buildings.
Buildings are responsible for the emission of 35% of all greenhouse gases, 35% of gases from landfill sites because of construction and demolition activities and 70% of the water consumption. Improving the energy efficiency of buildings can therefore have a significant impact on the achievement of global environmental objectives.

Learn more about our Kaïa project,
Click on the website:
Or contact our sales team: 450-659-9288 /438-929-3188



Due to the COVID-19 situation, please book an appointment in order to visit the model unit.


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