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In the next weeks, the first REM cars will be tested in Brossard

December 4th, 2020


The first REM car was revealed on November 16th, 2020.

Over the coming weeks, you will be able to see the first cars travel along a 3.5-km segment from the Brossard station to just before the Panama station. This segment is referred to as a "representative segment" since it reproduces all of the system components that will be found on the 67-km REM route and allows for testing of various elements of the network. Over a 13-month period, the entire system will be tested, from stations and platform screen doors to catenary, rails and the automated system.


A virtual model and a life-sized model were created in Montréal and tested by several people with reduced mobility to make sure that everything was in order before manufacturing began. Eight spaces in each four-car train will be reserved for people with reduced mobility or may be used for strollers, baggage or bicycles. The colours were carefully chosen to make effective use of contrasts and make elements such as doors (dark green) and grab rails (fluorescent yellow) easy to identify for people with visual difficulties.

Cars designed and tested for winter. The Montréal car was specifically adapted for the city's climate of hot, humid summers and very cold winters.


When operational, each departure will use a four-car train at peak hours and two cars during off-peak hours to save energy.
Theoretical capacity: 600 passengers per four-car train
Maximum capacity: 780 passengers per four-car train
Seats: 128
The average speed in motion will be 51 km/h.


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